Life Enhancing

Our core values

We are dedicated to providing exceptional care and support to our clients.


We understand and care about the emotional and psychological well-being of patients, and are empathetic to those in need.


We are honest and transparent in our interactions with patients and families, and maintain ethical standards in our professional practice.


We are trustworthy, reliable and consistent in providing care and services, and patients and families can rely on them.


We are compliant with regulations and industry standards ensure that the care and services provided are safe and of high quality.

The mission of Caring With Compassion is to provide the highest quality, client driven services with the utmost sensitivity and compassion. We believe that this will empower our clients, enabling them to be as independent as possible for as long as possible. We regard our clients as experts on their own lives. We assist and support them in whatever way they feel would best serve their individual needs. We make every effort to carefully match our clients with their care providers and consider compatibility to be essential for optimizing positive and effective outcomes. We consider each and every member of our team, including clients and their significant others, to be equally important and valued members of our family. We believe that little things mean a lot; things like personalized touches and going that extra mile make all the difference. We are dedicated to helping make it possible for people with disabilities, the elderly, and all of our clients, no matter what their current challenge is, to live with dignity and grace in the community, lifestyle and residence of their own choice. We afford all of our team members enrichment opportunities both personally and professionally. The vision of Caring With Compassion is to make a positive impact on the lives of the individuals and families we care for, as well as having a beneficial influence on the community at large.